Sunday, January 9, 2011

Its been forever since I posted anything. I hope to keep up a little better. I will show a few pictures of things that have happened in the last two years and then try to keep more current.

We added a new grandbaby to our family. Danny and Beka had another little boy...Owen, he is as cute as can be and just had his first birthday.This is Carrie and our beautiful grandaughter Leah at Owens blessing.Paul and I were able to go on the Stake Pioneer Trek and be the Pa and Ma of a great family.
We moved from our home in Chandler, we miss the ward and neighbors there, it was a great place to live.
We lived with our oldest son Mike for 1 month that turned into 7 months untill things went through on our new home. He was great fun and very patient to let his parents move in with him for awhile. Of course it wasnt all fun and games, we had to keep our room clean and be in by eight unless we called to let him know where we were. : )
I have gone on a few more sisters trips which are fun packed minute to minute wherever we go. Here we went to surprise my brother Kent in New York and the red eye flight took its toll on the ride home on the subway..Regardless Kent was thrilled we showed up!!!
Paul is still running at least three marathons a year. He is doing his 6th Boston this year and still going strong. (Not to bad for an old man)
After many hours at school and online and in the labs our son Danny graduated with his Masters Degree. We are so proud of his great accomplishment.
We have been doing our family birthday dinners throughtout the years, here we were celebrating Mike and Dannys.

This last October and December of 2010, first my brother Steve and then my dad passed away. Two good men have left this earth to live with our Heavenly Father. As hard as it is to not have them with us, we are so blessed to know we will be together again.

Our family is happy, healthy and blessed to start a new year together. I know it will bring many new experiences, and good times where we can grow to love each other more and more. Hopefully I will post all about it as we go and not have to play catch up again!